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Established in 1993, Junior Achievement China is a non-profit organization committed to the financial well-being of China's youth by providing them equitable and inclusive financial literacy, principled entrepreneurship and career education. Since JA China's inception in 1993, it continues to collaborate with the government, education sectors, socially responsible enterprises and business volunteers to bring cutting edge, hands-on interactive, skill focused and experiential programs to primary, middle, high schools and university students. JA programs have reached over six million students to date in more than 70 cities in China.

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Our Mission
Inspire and prepare the young people of China
with character and skills to succeed in the global economy
a bridge linking business and education

JA China partners with the business and education sectors to deliver our innovative business and economics programs in schools ranging from elementary to university level. Our curriculums focus on three main pillars: work readiness, principled entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. We strive to help our students develop character, creativity and leadership.

2022/2023 JA China Annual Report

Global Platform
Business Volunteer
Experiential Learning
In the past 30 years, JA China has formed strong partnerships with more than a hundred local and multinational businesses, ranging from traditional industries such as retail, manufacture, finance, as well as telecommunications, media, technology, biotechnology and green energy. In doing so, JA China helped businesses promote positive company culture, increase employee pride and loyalty, as well as elevate their skills.
Our Corporate Sponsors in the 2021-2022 Academic Year
JA China partners with schools from K-12, vocational schools and university age students, operating from our Regional Development Centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an and Changsha with a reach of more than 70 cities, including under-resourced areas.

JA is a learning organization with a highly motivated and professional team. Our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about the mission of JA and non-profit

JA China's Board of Directors consists of successful entrepreneurs, top executives and influential leaders in the marketplace. The Board of Directors provides exceptional guidance and effective support in overseeing JA China's organizational strategy and sustainable development.

JA Worldwide Nominated for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize
2023 JA China Company of the Year Competition
2023 JA China National Teachers Conference
Resource Center
Resource Center
Curriculum Frameworks for Financial Literacy Education in Schools

2015 Survey of Chinese High School Students’ Financial Attitudes and Behaviors

Survey of Chinese High School Students’ Financial Attitudes and Behaviors

China's New Wave of Business Volunteers

More publications to download

Curriculum Frameworks for Financial Literacy Education in Schools

Curriculum Frameworks for Financial Literacy Education in Schools

2015 Survey of Chinese High School Students’ Financial Attitudes and Behaviors

2015 Survey of Chinese High School Students’ Financial Attitudes and Behaviors

Survey of Chinese High School Students’ Financial Attitudes and Behaviors

Survey of Chinese High School Students’ Financial Attitudes and Behaviors

China's New Wave of Business Volunteers

China's New Wave of Business Volunteers


Since its founding in 1993, JA China has witnessed the rapid development of corporate social responsibility and the growth of volunteerism in China. Over the past 30 years, JA China programs have expanded to work with 90,000 volunteers. This extraordinary group of business volunteers actively contributes their time to aiding the community and is helping to set the expectation for Chinese talent to give back to the economy.

Benefits to volunteers:

-Empower future leaders by nurturing the growth of youth today

-Realize self-growth

-Expand your social circle and meet like-minded professionals

-Be a part of a global vision for volunteerism in China

Become a JA Business Volunteer
Become a JA Student Volunteer
JA China works closely with educational departments. We are in over 30 major cities across China, partnering in thousands of schools. Through a systematic and specialized curriculum, JA China's program provides comprehensive education for all ages of learning.

Benefits for Schools:

- Progressive and globally-focused curriculum

- Character as a building block for financial success

- Interactive and experiential teaching

- Professional business-volunteer-led courses

- International platform for exchange

- Special synthesis of education and social needs

If you are interested in having JA China's programs at your school, please click the link to apply to become a partnership school. Our staff will reply to your application as soon as possible.

Through funding and volunteer support, JA's Corporate Partners build well-rounded partnerships that help to educate thousands of children across China while also providing multiple benefits for the company and its employees.

Benefits for Corporations:

- Fulfil corporate social responsibility

- Enhance company brand

- Encourage employee engagement

- Promote volunteer's self-growth

- Develop valuable networks

"Both JA and Dow Chemical are building sustainable futures in China."

"We have been working with JA for many years and they are one of our most important partners in education."

"JA works in over 100 countries,inspiring Chinese youth for many years.By partnering with JA, our employees feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment."

Become a JA Student Volunteer

In this program, students will learn to run an event and marketing campaign taking on JA projects. JA Journey will look like this:

Meanwhile, you could be a volunteer to teach JA courses in primary school and middle school.

Within the JA community, student volunteers create some of the most memorable experiences of their college careers by directing meaningful projects with a team of like-minded partners as they brainstorm, socialize, and experience new challenges together.


JA China Alumni is a self-organised community of passionate JA'ers who gather for networking, professional development, and to support JA China's brand and new initiatives together.

Benefits for Alumni:

-Gain a sense of belonging in a fun-loving, professional community

-Participate in meaningful JA projects

-Work with other educators, NGOs, and students to foster personal growth

-Connect with other JA Alumni across the world

If you would like to be a JA student, please share our information with your teacher and ask them to get in touch with us!

Criteria of participating in JA alumni activities:

- You must be a JA volunteer who has served JA for at least 2 years or be a JA student who has graduated from high-school and is employed in the workforce

- You must have a strong sense of passion for JA's mission

- You must be enthusiastic about serving others and contributing to youth development

- You must have demonstrated integrity and excellence in your professional and personal life


The continual operation and development of JA China requires a highly-skilled team of dedicated staff members.

We welcome Enthusiastic, Caring people who are Passionate in youth education. We need people who are Self-motivated with a strong Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Please send inquiries or resume to hr@jachina.org

As a JA Staff member, you will..

- Be involved in training and delivery of cutting-edge business and character education

- Work alongside passionate business volunteers from many different backgrounds

- Enjoy a healthy, fun-loving, fair and open management work culture

JA Alumni 100 Years | 100 Lives

The global centennial of JA has selected 100 outstanding alumni from around the world to tell the story of JAer to the world through video.

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