Primary School

More than Money

Learn how to use money and rational consumption.

I’m a City Planner

Learn about the concept of city, as well as different functional districts and basic jobs in it. Experience the main jobs to realize career enlightenment.

Our New Sustainable City

Learn the necessary resources and energy of city development. Discuss about how to achieve sustainable development in the city and explore possible ways to save energy.

Let’s Trade

Learn about the concept of import and export; at the same time understand the importance, reasons and benefits of trading in our life.

Our World

Teach import and export, international trade

Our CIty

Discuss economic development and sustainable development.

Secondary School

I'm an Entrepreneur

Students learn fundamental business knowledge,how to create and operate a business, and practice innovation, while cultivating creativity and core entrepreneurial qualities.

Personal Finance

The objective of the program is to teach students about financial concepts and strategies, and let them experience the interrelationship between life choices and financial decisions. It also help them learn how to make good personal financial and life plan based on their own needs and values.

Job Shadow Day

Bring students to the workplace to learn first-hand about careers.

JA Company Program

Transform student teams into companies

International Entrepreneurship Studies Program

An international exchange program with more than 100 member countries from JA Global, to develop global thinking and business skills.

International Trade Challenge

Develop fundamental business skills of JA Asia-Pacific region students through creating business plans and conducting presentations to entrepreneurs and investors.

Social Innovation Relay

Encourage students to explore solutions to promote social development and address social issues, by fostering empathy, critical thinking and creativity.

Titan Program

Titan Program is an innovative computer simulation program that allows student teams to compete against one another while learning to make business decisions regarding products, quantity, marketing, and equipment and R&D. JA China hosts annual local Titan competitions to provide students with a platform of exchange and communication.


Careers Go!

Encourage students to think about career development.

Career Readiness Series

Offers students the opportunity to experience a real working environment through participating in lectures, workshops, and internships.

JA Leadership Forum

Engage business leaders to speak on university campuses and share their experience in career and leadership development.

Student Leadership Program

Through activities such as project operation, team management and market development, students develop their leadership and professional skills.

YESxBOP (Youth Enterprise Solutions for China's Bottom of the Pyramid)

Nurture the innovative and entrepreneurial spirits of today's youth to create sustainable and profitable business solutions that improve the lives of people at the bottom of China's economic pyramid.